Cristiano Ronaldo has no doubts about his own future

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Cristiano Ronaldo will remain at Al Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo cleared all doubts about his future in an interview with the official website of the Saudi Premier League.

The Portuguese phenomenon first confessed his disappointment at not winning a single title this year: “The expectations were other. I honestly expected to win something this year but things don’t always go the way you think or want. It often takes patience and perseverance to achieve the best things. In the last 5-6 months we have improved a lot. And not only us, other teams, the league in general has grown. This year was like that but I am hopeful for next season. Things will change for the better, we have to believe and work for them to go in that direction.”

He then spoke about the Saudi league, expounding on its future: “I think it’s a very good league, but there are opportunities to grow it further. There are good teams, good Arab players. The infrastructure can improve, as well as the refereeing and Var, which needs to be made faster, so many little things to work on. But I am happy here and will continue to play in the Saudi League next season. If we continue in this direction, within five years the league can become the fifth in the world.”

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