Dan Peterson surprised by Ettore Messina

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Dan Peterson’s words

Dan Peterson in the Gazzetta dello Sport signed an analysis titled, “Olimpia and Virtus with antidote to 3-point shooting.”

“After two games, Olimpia Milano is 2-0 against Dinamo Sassari and Virtus Bologna is 2-0 against Tortona. I read that the reasons for the big gap (three of the four games ended in “goleada”), are explained by the fact that Milan and Bologna have more budget, more depth of roster, more experience in Euroleague. Certainly that is the case.”

“But there’s more: the coaches of Olimpia Milano – Ettore Messina – and Virtus Bologna – Sergio Scariolo – brought in my opinion a great technical innovation: defending against three-point shooting before anything else, then closing the gaps if others penetrate off the dribble.”

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