Ferrari, Charles Leclerc’s problems remain a mystery: the note

©Getty Images

The mystery about the qualifying flop is set to remain so for a few more hours.

Charles Leclerc did not go beyond an unexpectedly disastrous 19th place in qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix. The Monegasque driver complained at length over the radio about something that did not seem to be working on his Ferrari, particularly in the left-hand turns. The Maranello team, however, will not be able to find the answers it seeks until Sunday.

Stringent Formula 1 rules, in fact, will prevent the investigations the Cavallino intends to make into the Monegasque’s SF-23. “Regarding Charles Leclerc’s car, we will not be able to carry out an inspection this evening because of the Parc Fermé rules. There will be further information in the morning,” Ferrari in fact wrote in an official note issued Saturday.

“I would be surprised if the car is OK. There was something wrong, this morning in the same conditions we were fine. Tomorrow we have to get back to a good feeling to get back to the front. I don’t have any answers, I have to look at the data,” Leclerc had told ‘Sky Sports’ microphones hot off the press.

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