Ferrari flops, Vasseur disagrees

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Ferrari flops, Vasseur disagrees

Ferrari ended the Spanish Grand Prix with Carlos Sainz’s fifth place and Charles Leclerc’s 11th: disappointing results, which Frederic Vasseur, team principal of Maranello, however, wanted to see in a different light.

“It is not difficult to comment on today’s race, the biggest problem we had is probably in line with that of the last few races. The potential of the car is there, in qualifying we have a decent pace. so much so that we got Carlos on the front row. This shows that the potential is there, but in the race we struggle a lot more in terms of consistency from compound to compound.”

On the inconstancy of the single-seater: “It was difficult, because we are talking about one or two seconds difference on the potential of the car, and in the middle stint with Carlos we lost 15 seconds. It’s not a question of tire management, because in the last stint the performance was there, so it was not a question of degradation. Of course, if you push harder you have more degradation, but this is the same for everyone. The positive side is that the potential is there and sooner or later we will be able to unleash it, understanding the tires and management better.”

Vasseur consoled himself with Sainz’s fifth place: “We finished ahead of the Aston Martin, which hadn’t happened in Miami, and we think we took a step forward in terms of performance. I didn’t expect Mercedes to be so strong, but here again we are in line with the last few races: we are faster than them in qualifying, while they outperform us in the race.”

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