Parma, Gigi Buffon’s touching message to fans

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Parma, Gigi Buffon’s touching message to fans

Gianluigi Buffon on Instagram sent a message to Parma fans after they were eliminated in the Serie B playoff semifinals at the hands of Claudio Ranieri’s Cagliari.

“There are defeats that leave inside only a sense of bewilderment and deep loneliness. And there are defeats that, on the contrary, make you feel surrounded by thousands of arms, where tears actually represent the sowing of a seed. There is something that strangely unites you beyond the sports result, making you resemble all those looks you meet, making you feel that you belong to what belongs to them.”

“An awareness that has grown over time, like an umbilical cord that connects everyone, made of passion, respect, gratitude, hearts and hands that know how to really support each other. In the midst of this harsh reality, I feel in my heart a deep need to say once again: THANK YOU, INCREDIBLE PEOPLE OF PARMA!”

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