Lorenzo Musetti between bitter smile and mea culpa

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The words of Lorenzo Musetti

Lorenzo Musetti makes no excuses after the loss to Carlos Alcaraz: “I definitely could have done many more things than I did, I did maybe everything I shouldn’t have done (smiles). We set out to advance on his backhand or otherwise impose a game on qeul corner where it hurts less. With his forehand he moves the ball very well, often coming to the net and getting very close. I think the game plans were similar for both of them, the first one who could get control with the forehand would try to impose the game to win the point. I didn’t express myself the way I wanted to today. I don’t think it’s emotion, but more I have to be aware of myself and the level I have; I must not mess up when I’m in a hurry. Sometimes I get too caught up in who is on the other side. I am working on it and hopefully already in the next tournaments this defeat will be a lesson for me.

“This match serves me not to say as a humility bath because I didn’t have the gall to declare any that wasn’t true. Today I just feel like accepting that he played better, came in grittier, with more desire to win and beat me three sets to zero. The most difficult thing I think is just to struggle, I today chose the most comfortable way which is to let go, surrender a little; next time I will choose to struggle. But just from these matches I learn to choose the harder way that will pay off.”

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