NBA Finals, Miami surprises Danver and wins Game 2

©Getty Images

A 41-point Jokic is not enough for the Nuggets.

Those who believed that the NBA Finals were already sealed had to think again at the end of Game 2. Thanks to a last quarter of enormous quality, Miami managed to rout the Denver court (111-108), thus taking home the second act of the series. Now everything is tied again with the NBA Finals moving to Miami for Game 3 and Game 4.

After the heavy knockout in Game 1, Miami showed why it made it all the way to the NBA Finals. Despite an imperial Jokic (41 points), the Heat never raised the white flag and, in the last quarter, rebounded thanks to the second lines, snatching a very important victory that reopens all games. The Butler-Adebayo duo closed the match with 42 total points and decisive plays in the convulsive finale.

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