Juventus, announcement comes in on Massimiliano Allegri

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Juventus, announcement comes in on Massimiliano Allegri

Juventus CEO Maurizio Scanavino has closed the Massimiliano Allegri talk once and for all: “He has never been in question. There is total agreement on all future scenarios, whether market, organizational or sporting ingenerale. With the coach we have had meetings, or contacts, on a daily basis since always.”

“In these months we have gone through this blizzard together and, in some ways, our relationship has been consolidated quickly. There has been no lack of moments of confrontation, even heated ones, but always with constructive criticism and self-criticism, with the idea of always doing the best for Juventus. We must not forget the situation, the storm, that we experienced. All in all, I believe that in the end we operated well, even on the field with the third place conquered and with two semifinals in the Coppa Italia and Europa League.”

Much of the fan base is against Allegri: “We understand the fans’ discontent, and they too have experienced a significant emotional swing during this period. Certainly Juventus is coming from a period of extraordinary success, and situations like the current one have not helped them achieve the usual satisfaction. We need to stay with our feet on the ground, setting firm points. We have closed the judicial affairs in Italy, Allegri is the right person to give continuity on the sporting level. There are aspects, however, that still need to be resolved and managed, such as the financial one. We want to start again with humility, commitment and self-criticism in order to put ourselves back in a position to be competitive as soon as possible both on the field and in terms of the game.”

On market strategies: “Two days after my appointment we found ourselves with a -15 and Cherubini’s inhibition. At that moment we created a working group with the appointment of Calvo and the promotion of Manna from Next Gen. We worked beyond specific qualifications and I think one of the most positive performances was John’s and I think we can say that he will take over the market management 100 percent. With Calvo, on the other hand, he will handle the more managerial side of the sports aspect.”

On the possible arrival of Cristiano Giuntoli: “He has a contract with Napoli for one more year and it would not be fair to everyone to comment further. We need fixed points, people in charge 100 percent. Situations and scenarios that are not established are not up to our evaluation at this time.”

On the farewell to the Superleague: “On the one hand there is the SuperLega project with the communication made yesterday to Real and Barcelona, while on the other hand there is the UEFA investigation on which we can still say a lot. In any case, these are two absolutely separate things.”

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