Gianni Petrucci has no illusions about Paolo Banchero

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The words of Paul Banchero

Paolo Banchero is a little further away from the Italian national team with each passing day.

Also Federbasket president Gianni Petrucci knows it well, who on the sidelines of the preview of the film ‘A coach as a father’ dedicated to Sandro Gamba returned to the issue. “If Banchero will play the World Cup with Italy? I don’t know we hope so, then if it won’t be now we hope for the 2024 Olympics if we qualify, or after that. He took Italian nationality, then he became rookie of the year in the NBA so it will not be easy. I have no illusions, but if Paolo doesn’t come with us we lose so much.”

“Banchero will arrive in Italy next week because of an agreement made with Sky. He will probably meet Pozzecco, I will be in Tel Aviv with the women’s national team for the European Championships.”

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