MotoGp, Marc Marquez lapidary with Johann Zarco and increasingly tough on Honda

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Another difficult day for Marc Marquez

It is certainly not a Friday to remember, that of Marc Marquez at the Sachsenring: in fact, the day of the multi-time MotoGp champion ended up in the headlines first the gesture of annoyance towards his bike, complete with middle finger on live TV, and pious for the slip involving Johann Zarco, whose Ducati was hit full on by the number 93 Honda.

Dark in the face, at the microphones of ‘Sky,’ the Catalan admitted fault, however, making a point precisely towards Zarco: “I made a mistake that is easy to make at the first corner, in practice, but Zarco had to be careful because he knows that at the point where he was, the bikes can get quickly behind him. Me going back to the pits without making sure of his condition? Bikes were coming, it was dangerous to get close to him, I saw him sitting and conscious and I certainly couldn’t have helped him. I went later into the paddock to make sure he was okay.”

On the middle finger, Marquez specified, “I did it because of the situation, not to anyone in particular. We are struggling here as well, we have no grip and on a circuit like Sachsenring it is a problem. Either we find solutions or tomorrow we will struggle even more.”

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