Lecco-Foggia also scores goals on TV

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Lecco-Foggia also scores goals on TV

The Lega Pro celebrates the end of the 2022/23 season with record numbers. The Lecco final between the Blucelesti and Foggia broadcast live on Rai 2 achieved a 10 percent share of ratings reaching a peak of more than one million views. It is a confirmation of how much Serie C soccer is liked and has a steadily increasing success.

There were over five thousand spectators present in a “Rigamonti-Ceppi” sold out for days. A beautiful spectacle for a final that was also broadcast by Sky Sports and Eleven Sports with extensive pre and post-match coverage and great coverage on social media as well. Not forgetting that the large number of Italians abroad were able to follow the match live on Rai Italia.

“I am happy with the success of Serie C. We represent a truly passionate and warm number of fans who followed us in Italy and abroad. It is yet another confirmation of how much people like Serie C and how the playoff formula works,” says Lega Pro President Matteo Marani.

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