Pistoia Basketball: Ettore Saracca new general manager

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Saracca does not hide pride and excitement

Emotion and pride for Ettore Saracca, new general manager of Pistoia Basket. “To go from being a simple fan to playing an important role for the basketball team of my city and the entire region is obvious that it gives me great emotion,” he said: “I want to thank all the BoD and the realities that gravitate around the club. My relationship with the management began a few months ago and, from there, the talks that lead to this challenge started, which is very attractive to me since the project is difficult but ambitious. There will be important innovations that we will unveil as time goes by, focusing a lot on the idea of a reference team for the whole of Tuscany: from here important relationships open up as well as significant opportunities with the city, and the whole region, that will be able to give answers related to passion and generosity.”

“We have already been working for some time to secure the company,” Saracca added: “My role will involve a constant relationship with the Board of Directors and all the internal structures. We will communicate in deeds what has materialized at the corporate level: as reiterated by the president, it will be a year of transition during which there will be work to be done on reorganization with project development on marketing, social and youth sector. It is a project on a multi-year basis, which will have a net opening on a regional basis and therefore the involvement will not only be for the city but also on an international scale so as to open, in this way, the boundaries of Pistoia Basket giving different opportunities to companies that will approach our reality.”

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