NBA, Dallas ready to settle for Luka Doncic

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Mavs failed to qualify for postseason last season

Dallas is coming off a failed season in which they failed to even qualify for the playoffs. The franchise is eager to put together a team capable of competing at a high level, obviously with Doncic being the focal point of the entire project.

As reported by ESPN, the first good news concerns Irving who now seems convinced to stay in Dallas and try to contribute to allow Doncic to grow further.

However, the Mavs’ real target would be a high-impact long man. The right name would be Ayton, the first overall NBA pick in the 2018 Draft and looking for new stimulation. There would be, according to Turner Sports, an ongoing negotiation between Dallas and Phoenix just with Ayton at the center of the discussion. The Mavs need a dominant center, just like Ayton, who has always worn the Suns’ jersey since entering the NBA.

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