Messi-Inter Miami: engagement figures unveiled

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Messi-Inter Miami: engagement figures unveiled

Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas gave an interview to ‘El País’ in which he unveiled the contract figures of Lionel Messi, who landed in Florida a few weeks ago.

“In 2019 we started thinking about how we can bring him to MLS,” he admitted, “Messi can turn MLS into one of the two or three biggest leagues in the world. I really think he comes with a desire to make his mark, and he will be able to do that beyond soccer. When he retires he will have a role in the club. For Messi I envision a post-football career similar to Beckham or Michael Jordan.”

“(He will receive) between 50 and 60 million a year,” he added about the contract. “We took three years. The last year and a half was very interesting, I had many conversations with his father Jorge. We concluded at the end of May. David (Beckham) only talked to Leo about football matters, since he was playing. I didn’t want him to feel pressured. I watched Argentina for the whole World Cup in Qatar. And then the contract with Apple was very important to close the deal.”

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