Sandro Tonali’s farewell displeases Rafael Leao

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Rafael Leao outspoken about Sandro Tonali’s farewell

In a video posted on his own YouTube channel, Rafael Leao commented on Sandro Tonali’s move from AC Milan to Newcastle, which was made official just a few hours ago.

“He is an important player for us, I did not expect him to leave,” admitted the Portuguese star. “He made the difference in midfield, I saw in him the heir to Gattuso because he has been a Milanista since childhood, he was someone I would have seen at AC Milan for many years. We have a good relationship, I wish him good luck and much success in his new adventure.”

From next July 1, it will be possible to deposit the contracts for the players who will make up the teams’ rosters for the 2023/2024 season.

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