Subbuteo Oscars: big party in Rome

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Big party in Rome

For the first time in history, Rome’s Olympic Stadium opened its doors to host an event dedicated to miniature soccer And it all happened on Sunday, July 2, 2023, at the Monte Mario Gold Tribune of the capital’s sports facility, where the highly anticipated ceremony of the 2022 Subbuteo Oscars was held, organized by the National Subbuteo Sector of OPES (Organizzazione per l’Educazione allo Sport, a sports promotion body recognized by CONI). The event, organized in collaboration with Sport and Health, was also sponsored by Roma Capitale and the Regional Council of Lazio and was included within the context of the National Finals of the 2nd Zeugo Single-brand Subbuteo Championship, promoted by the same National Subbuteo Sector in collaboration with the Promotion Department of the FISCT (Italian Sports Table Football Federation).


The ceremony was presided over by Mauro Simonazzi, President of the National Subbuteo Sector who, together with Pietro Ielapi, President of the Italian Sports Table Football Federation (FISCT), Juri Morico, President of the Organization for Sports Education (OPES), Hon. Luciano Crea, President of the Lazio Region Tourism and Culture Commission, and Hon. Nazzareno Neri, Regional Councillor and President of the XII Commission of the Lazio Region (Territory Protection), presented the Subbuteo Oscars to the players, clubs, managers, and insiders who have particularly distinguished themselves in 2022 in the field of the disciplines of Traditional Subbuteo and Table Football within the sports events organized by the FISCT.

Specifically, the prestigious award was given to: Morgan Croce (CCT Rome), Italian Champion of Traditional Subbuteo in 2002 and World Champion of this specific discipline; Luca Colangelo (Fiamme Azzurre Rome), World Champion and reigning Italian Champion of Table Football; Eleonora Buttitta (Subbuteo Club Bagheria), Ladies World Champion of Table Football; Edoardo Landi (Subbito Gol Ferrara), Under12 Table Football World Champion; Salernitana, winner of the Italian Traditional Subbuteo Championship; Fiamme Azzurre Roma, who won the Scudetto in the Table Football discipline; Alfredo Palmieri, Technical Commissioner of the Italian Junior National Table Football Teams; Saverio Bari, founder of Subbuteoland (Reggio Emlia) as well as captain of the Italian National Table Football World Champion Team and F.lli Bari Reggio Emilia winners of the 2022 Champions League; Daniele Caroleo, press officer of the FISCT; Maurizio Brillantino, founder of the information portal; Arturo Parodi, representing the historic Zeugo brand, main partner of the event; and Juri Morico, President of OPES.


Parallel to this event, the finals of the 2nd Zeugo Monomarca Subbuteo Championship were also held, which involved 32 athletes (to whom we must also add 8 junior players) from all over Italy who earned a pass to the competition after passing the various stages, at the local level, organized throughout the boot. The 32 participants were divided into 8 rounds of 4 players each. At the end of this phase, based on the position obtained in the rankings, the participants were given access to the Platinum (for first-place finishers), Gold (for those who came in second place), Silver (for third-place finishers) and Bronze (for players who came in fourth place) panels. In the Platinum Tabellone (the main one), victory was won by Morgan Croce (CCT Roma), who got the better of Maurizio Presutti (Viterbese Subbuteo) in the final with a result of 4 to 0. In the Gold Tabellone success for Andrea Balestrucci (Viterbese Subbuteo), who overcame, after Shoot Out (the free throws) Marco Perotti (Black Rose Roma) with the result of 3 to 2. In the Silver Tabellone it is Vinicio Scarantino (Viterbese Subbuteo) who imposes himself on Antonio Maielli (Valtellana) with the result of 4 to 2. Victory, finally, in the Bronze Tabellone for Stefano Torre (SC Piacenza), who beats, by 2 to 1, Leonardo D’amico (Old Lions Macerata). As for the Under Tournament, moreover, victory was won by Lorenzo Sani (SC Sombrero), who beat Jacopo Giampaola (SC Abruzzo Ves Gentes) in the very final.

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