World Cup, bitter final: Italy surrenders to Spain

©Getty Images

“It was a surreal match,” CT Campagna’s words.

No dice. Italy surrendered to Spain in the final of the water polo World Cup, played in Los Angeles (also in front of former Italian defender Chiellini). The Azzurri were beaten by Spain with a final score of 10-4. It should be remembered that Italy had reached the final by winning seven consecutive matches.

Unrecognizable the Settebello, which, after the first quarter, already had an important deficit with the Spaniards (1-5). At the end of the final, Perrone, 36-year-old star of the Spanish team, was awarded MVP.

“It was a surreal game, because they put us under from the beginning. They played a great final, we didn’t. These are matches and defeats that serve to grow and improve. Now we will analyze what happened, to improve some tactical situations: we have time and margin between now and the World Championships in Fukuoka (scheduled from July 14 to July 30, ed.),” the words of CT Campagna in the post match.

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