Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic has more than one reason to win

©Getty Images

The Serb is defending champion at Wimbledon

It’s time for Wimbledon, that is, the most prestigious (and beloved) tournament on the ATP circuit. Of course, spotlight on the many champions who will be featured on the English grass, especially Djokovic.

The Serb is looking for his eighth success at Wimbledon (first time back in 2011, last time last year). Moreover, after winning Roland Garros 2023, his 23rd Slam ever, he wants to increase his haul of Grand Slam tests, and Wimbledon is definitely one of his favorite tournaments.

Then there is the Grand Slam question. After winning the Australian Open and, indeed, Roland Garros, to try to take home all four Slam tournaments, he absolutely must triumph at Wimbledon and then play it all out at the US Open in late August. After coming close to a Grand Slam in 2021, Djokovic dreams of another chance this year. His debut against Argentina’s Cachin is expected today.

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