Filippo Volandri categorical about Jannik Sinner’s path.

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Filippo Volandri speaks out on Jannik Sinner

Filippo Volandri, in the course of a lengthy interview with ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport,’ spoke among other things about Jannik Sinner and the responsibilities with which the current Italian number one (who in the meantime cleared the first hurdlea Wimbledon, nimbly beating Juan Manuel Cerundolo) is clothed.

“Jannik among the symbols of the new generation? He knows he is working for it,” said the non-playing captain of the Italian Davis Cup team. “He has broad shoulders, every now and then he struggles with expectations, which are always very high. He’s a perfectionist and when he can’t be perfect he suffers a little bit. But it’s a matter of time.”

“We have to be good at seeing the glass half full, instead of almost always seeing it half empty,” Volandri added, speaking of the criticism that comes in the wake of the defeats of younger Italian athletes. “And give them time to grow, because we have some guys, especially Musetti and Sinner, who are very young. Meanwhile, it’s good for them to get as far as possible in the Slams, to play quarters, semifinals and finals, so they get used to those matches. Winning will be the next step.”

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