Marc Marquez, Honda turnaround: “Concrete things coming”

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Marc Marquez, Honda breakthrough: “Concrete things coming, we have to convince him to stay”

Honda HRC president Koji Watanabe spoke about the delicate situation the brand is experiencing in MotoGp, and in particular about spearhead Marc Marquez, who is set to expire in 2024: “We are currently struggling in MotoGP. But we have just started working, and the two-wheel and four-wheel divisions will collaborate on development.”

“We need to improve the chassis, aerodynamics and the engine. I won’t say the four-wheelers are better; but working together we should be able to take a different perspective. We want to catch up with our rivals as soon as possible,” are the words reported by Motosan.

“Improvements are coming, but in perspective for next year’s bike,” the Honda president continued. “Marc Marquez? I want him to stay, but he is the one who will have to decide. If he wants to leave, I will not hold him back: we will have to show him some things so that he can decide to stay. Concrete things will come, he will not decide just on trust, that is not Honda’s style.”

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