Matteo Berrettini out of Wimbledon: “I found joy again, good to go”

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A defeat that does not bow its head.

Matteo Berrettini at Wimbledon lost to Carlos Alcaraz, although he managed to snatch the first set from the strong Spaniard. However, after the 3-6, 6-3, 6-3 loss accrued on London’s grass, the Roman took stock of his good performance in the tournament and his upcoming goals.

“Thinking about a run-up now is difficult, because this year there have been so many backtracks,” Berrettini admitted to the microphones of ‘Sky Sport.’ “To say that I will restart after Wimbledon is difficult, but I certainly found again the joy of doing what I had chosen as a child. So the most beautiful thing is this. Unfortunately today did not go as I hoped, Carlos played better than me. I have so much awareness though, because on the one hand I had never lost myself yet, and on the other hand to feel the taste of defeat again on my skin, in my heart and in my head is good.”

Berrettini then admitted the difficulties on serve against Alcaraz, but he did not rush his upcoming commitments. “I felt it and a little expected it, since Carlos is among the best in the world at returning serve,” the Roman recalled. “Then today it was very windy, and when I had it against me I struggled even more. This does not take away from Carlos’s merits, but I certainly felt less effective. And that was one of the keys to the match. Now however I am fine after a hell of a time in the last few months. I have to remember where I started from and I have to be okay. Maybe I will restart from Toronto or earlier, but we will decide with my team.”

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