Paul Pogba from Juventus to Saudi Arabia: France says no

©Getty Images

A very rich transfer, which the person concerned, however, would not want.

Paul Pogba from Juventus to Saudi Arabia may not be such a foregone conclusion. On the trail of the French midfielder, back from a haunted season in Turin, would be the Al Ittihad of Kanté and Benzema. The transalpine press, however, takes the player’s interest in moving to a league so rich when far from the big spotlight as anything but a given.

In fact, the online version of the newspaper ‘L’Equipe’ reported on Monday that Pogba wants to stay at Juventus next season as well. The reasons for this decision would be clear: with Euro 2024 scheduled at the end of the next championship, the midfielder fears to fall off the radar of the French national team.

According to reconstructions by ‘Tuttosport,’ Al Ittihad has reportedly put a 100 million euro net salary on the table for the next three seasons to convince Pogba to espouse the Saudi cause. However, it would not be the wallet that would be the decisive element in wringing the former Manchester United man’s yes.

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