Mirco Antenucci says goodbye to Bari: “I want to be a protagonist.”

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Mirco Antenucci says goodbye to Bari

Mirco Antenucci’s adventure at Bari has come to an end. Through a long post it was the striker himself who confirmed this.

“After four years the time has come to leave Bari,” he wrote, “Here I found wonderful fans, friends, teammates and a beautiful city. As in every cycle and as in everything in life unfortunately there is a beginning and an end. I thought I would finish my career here in Bari, but life always surprises us. These were difficult days for me, I had a choice to make, a professional choice, but most of all a life choice. I was very torn, divided in half…one part of my heart was telling me to stay, the other to go. In the end I decided to leave Bari, but it was not easy and it was certainly not a choice made for money. Those who know me know, I need to feel at the center of a project, a protagonist, an added value for my club, even at 39 years old and always respecting choices and roles. I believe that soccer has no age and above all I firmly believe in the unquestionable judgment of the field.”

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