F1, Ferrari flop: Vasseur confirms change in strategy

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F1, Ferrari flop: Vasseur confirms change in strategy

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur confirmed that the Maranello-based team is starting to work toward 2024, and will use less funds for the development of this year’s single-seater, the SF-23 that so disappointed expectations. Sunday’s ninth and tenth places at Silverstone were just the latest disappointment in a really complicated first part of the season for the Cavallino, amid problems with reliability, strategy and the competitiveness of the car.

But already for weeks Ferrari has been working in preparation for next season, Vasseur admitted: “The main factor is the budget cap, which does not allow for a new project as was probably the case a couple of years ago. It means that you have to adapt your project to the situation, and under these conditions I think we have made a fair amount of progress.”

According to Vasseur, the gap in this year’s car is too wide at the moment, and no revolutions or drastic developments are possible that could make a difference: “You also have to consider that the regulations are much more prescriptive than before and it is rather difficult to make a big step forward in the season. But we are already working on next year’s project, trying to correct the direction.” are the words reported by formulapassion.

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