Novak Djokovic points to Jannik Sinner: “Our challenge already a classic”

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Words of high praise ahead of the next highly anticipated challenge in London.

Novak Djokovic already has Jannik Sinner in his sights ahead of their semifinal match at Wimbledon. In fact, after his comeback victory over Andrey Rublev (4-6, 6-1, 6-4, 6-3), the Serb spoke open-heartedly to the microphones of ‘Sky Sports,’ taking stock of his condition and framing the challenge that awaits him against the talented South Tyrolean.

“It is obviously not possible to always be in 100 percent condition. But in the right moments I feel that the mental strength and the serenity are there,” Djokovic said. “When you play in a Grand Slam and you face in the quarterfinals an opponent who is among the top ten in the world, it is clear that you feel a lot of tension and emotions, but they do not give you victory. You have to deserve that one. Today I had to face a very difficult match. Really it was a great challenge, because Rublev in my opinion played the best tennis I have seen from my opponent in the big tournaments.”

“I am really very happy, because today with this victory I earned two days of rest, recovery and of course preparation ahead of the big challenge with Sinner,” Djokovic continued. “Hopefully this challenge between us will become a classic, we can say that it already is. He is very young, and with Rune and Alcaraz he is part of the new generation and can become one of its leaders. Many of their matches are already now epic battles, and this is very nice.”

The Serb then went on to praise the man he will challenge in the Wimbledon semifinals. “Alcaraz and Sinner between them have already had in the last year four or five really great matches. I however have great respect for Jannik,” Djokovic said. “As a person, because he is a really good guy and very quiet. And then he is really serious and professional, like his whole team. Hopefully our battle will be like last year’s, where he was ahead by two sets and I recovered. This time, however, I will try to start the match a little better.”

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