Federico Chiesa, Premier closer: the super bid that has Juventus reeling

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England returns to call the HCL star.

Federico Chiesa and Juventus are getting closer and closer to moving their respective paths. In fact, the talented Bianconero has long been coveting the Premier League, and in addition to the well-known interest in him expressed by Chelsea, meanwhile there is another historic club from across the Channel that has always been serious about securing him: Aston Villa.

According to what has been gathered by ‘SportMediaset’, in fact, as much as 70 million euros would now be the amount that Aston Villa is willing to shell out in order to secure Chiesa. Juventus, on the other hand, needs fresh money and would seem willing to sit at the negotiating table. Those holding back, however, would be the player himself, who is not particularly convinced about leaving Turin to move to Birmingham.

Moreover, Chiesa’s agent recently flew to London to speak with several clubs, including Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United. What the various British tabloids were reporting in recent days was that the Blues in particular were ready to make an initial offer to the Bianconeri, who were ready to start negotiations only on the basis of offers close to 60 million euros.

This was precisely what appeared and appears to be the price below which negotiations were not even plausible, with Chelsea or anyone else. Aston Villa, however, seems to have passed it by, and now Federico Chiesa at Juventus seems an increasingly less certain prospect ahead of next season, with an adaptation to Massimiliano Allegri’s game never really completed and so many European bigwigs ready to knock on the Old Lady’s door.

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