Olimpia Milano on standby, Napier’s response awaited

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Coach Messina would like the reappointment of the point guard

At the end of Game 7 of the LBA Finals, resulting in the star-studded Scudetto win, Napier let it be known that, as far as his future was concerned, he would take some time before deciding whether or not to stay in red and white. Several days have passed since that post-game statement and, as of now, the U.S. point guard has not yet made it known what he plans to do next season.

A big problem for Coach Messina. On Napier’s decision depends part of the red and white project for next season. The coach does not want to give up his point guard, but neither can he wait for his answer forever. After much silence, Napier showed up via social media with a decidedly cryptic message, “Remember, perspective can lead two people looking at the same thing to see two totally different things.” No reference to people or anything else but a message that certainly does not inflame the hearts of the Red and White people.

In parallel, there is talk of a negotiation between Napier himself and Red Star, which would be ready to settle for him on everything in order to make him its star. Market rumors that certainly do not help to understand what the Roxbury native’s intentions are. One fact is certain: Olimpia cannot wait much longer. The time for Napier’s final choice is now near. Not least because there is an incoming market to move forward and many players (departed or retired like Datome) to replace. The start of next season is not that far away.

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