Genoa, Andres Blazquez comes clean about Mateo Retegui

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Genoa, Andres Blazquez comes clean about Mateo Retegui

Genoa CEO Andres Blazquez spoke directly from the summer training camp in Moena, taking stock of the Grifone’s market, confessing interest in Azzurri striker Mateo Retegui. According to reports from Sky Sport, there have been new positive contacts between the Ligurian side and Boca Juniors, the club that holds Retegui’s tag.

“He is very good, it is normal that he is a player that is liked,” he admitted. “But on strong players there are many teams. We have many negotiations going on but I prefer not to express myself before things are closed. We are following players in all departments but I don’t want to name names for the moment otherwise we risk complicating things.”

“The fans need to be sure that we will buy the right players to set up a truly competitive team,” continued the ad of the Rossoblù. They should not worry about anything, we are in a hurry to intervene but there should not be a rush because we want to make precise purchases. At this stage the market in general is going a bit slow but next week some new players will arrive.”

“We have a strong team and we have been asked about Aramu, Dragusin and Coda. Gudmundsson? They have also asked about him but there has never been a negotiation: our intention is to have him stay with us,” Blazquez concluded.

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