Coulthard crowns Verstappen: “Like Senna, Schumacher and Hamilton”

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Coulthard crowns Verstappen: “Like Senna, Schumacher and Hamilton”

Former driver David Coulthard spoke on the F1 Nation podcast, spending honeyed words for current world championship leader Max Verstappen, who at the moment has scored an impressive eight wins out of ten Grands Prix, including as many as six consecutive, demonstrating an enviable state of form.

“At the moment he is flawless, with very few mistakes I think we are witnessing the kind of moments we saw in the days of Senna, Schumacher or Hamilton,” stressed the 2001 Formula 1 vice world champion. He is making the most of opportunities. If you look at the way he drives, you see the speed, the commitment and the ease with which he handles changes in conditions, making very few mistakes in what we have been able to observe so far this year.”

“Of course he’s not flawless because he’s human, but anyone who doesn’t recognize his brilliance is just because they’re not a particular fan of the way he maybe talks out of the car or because they’re rooting for another team, but to deny him or to deny Red Bull recognition for his consistency I think is a mistake,” Coulthard concluded.

Meanwhile, the Dutch driver hopes to continue his winning streak, starting as early as next weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

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