Champions League final at San Siro: Beppe Sala’s words

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Champions League final at San Siro: Beppe Sala’s words

Uefa has announced through an official statement the bids for the European Cup finals in the years 2026 and 2027. As far as the Champions League is concerned, there are two candidate federations: Milan, with the ‘Giuseppe Meazza’ stadium, and Budapest, with the ‘Puskas Arena.’

This was also confirmed by Milan Mayor Beppe Sala, who, on the sidelines of the presentation of the European Jumping and Equestrian Championships in Milan, said, “I am just back from the unfortunate final in Istanbul for my colors, but exciting because I saw again what it means for a city to host the Champions League final. When President Gravina called me to ask if we were interested in hosting the Champions League final at San Siro, I obviously jumped for joy.”

“Since,” he continued, “there are two candidates, us and Budapest, for the two years (2026 and 2027, ed.), one should be. Of course, I told Gravina that in 2027 I will no longer be mayor, so let’s see if we can bring it home for the year before. I hope he succeeds, then if it’s 2027 it will be fine for Milan anyway.”

The next Champions League final will be played on June 1, 2024 at Wembley.

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