Nicolo Zaniolo, new drama: impressive hand injury

©Getty Images

New drama for a footballer who has not yet exhausted his credit with bad luck.

Nicolò Zaniolo still injured, and the images of what happened to the former Roma talent make an impression. Now at Galatasaray, the national team player was the victim of a very hard blow during a friendly match with Sturm Graz. This time the problem involves a hand, to be precise the little finger of his left hand. But the extent of the problem is really important.

Again, like other times in the past, the injury came without contact with any opponent. Zaniolo simply fell to the ground, but in doing so he tried to balance himself with his left hand. This, however, touched the ground in a completely unnatural manner while also supporting the footballer’s full weight, resulting in generating a very painful twist. The former Roma player immediately indulged in a scream of despair, before showing to teammates and cameras his own little finger of his left hand dislocated from its normal position.

Having immediately left the field, the time required for recovery from such an abnormal but no less treacherous injury remains to be determined at this point. For the record, after the very unfortunate Zaniolo left the field, Galatasaray also lost the match: 2-0 the final result for Sturm Graz, with Leon Grgic signing both goals for the Austrian outfit in the final.

Nicolò Zaniolo, who turned just 24 last July 2, has already suffered a long series of heavy injuries during a still relatively immature career. Most notable was the dramatic rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee on Jan. 12, 2020, followed by a new ligament injury in his left knee suffered on the national team the following September.

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