NBA, Joel Embiid puts pressure on Philadelphia

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The all-star then took a step back via social media

Joel Embiid has one goal: to win the NBA ring. He is willing to do anything to win the NBA championship title, even to leave the 76ers. During a one-on-one with Carter in Los Angeles at the Uinterrupted Film Festival, the All Star said he wants to win and doesn’t know if “…it will be in Philadelphia or anywhere else.”

Heavy statements that threw 76ers fans who are doting on Embiid into a panic. The MVP of the last regular season returned to the issue on his Twitter profile, downplaying his statements, throwing water on the fire.

However, the feeling is that Embiid wants to put pressure on the franchise to force it to build a roster capable of competing to win an NBA ring. At 29 years old, Embiid no longer plans to wait any longer to enjoy his first ring. After winning the league’s prestigious MVP award, he now wants to take home the title of NBA Champion. He would love to do it with his beloved Philadelphia 76ers but, if the ideal conditions are not there to do it in Phila, he might look around and try it with another franchise. Meanwhile, the 76ers’ top management has made it known that Harden will be traded only if a player of equal caliber arrives, just so as not to make the team less competitive and further disappoint Embiid.

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