Miralem Pjanic crushes Romelu Lukaku

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The words of Miralem Pjanic

Miralem Pjanic spoke to Gazzetta dello Sport: “We are waiting for the end of the market, but Juve will again fight for the title with Napoli, Inter and Milan. I am not surprised by the development of Arabia, in recent years they have hosted so many Italian and Spanish Super Cups. There is a lot of passion for soccer. The league is good, not as many people think. I talked to Cris, he is happy and is sure that in the future it will become one of the major world tournaments. When you are in the prime of your career if you have the chance you want to fulfill the dreams you had as a child, like Juve, Real, Barça… Milinkovic preferred Arabia, but honestly I don’t know what situation he had with Juve. Allegri wants to have a more normal year with Juve after last season’s turmoil caused by points in the standings taken away, given back and retracted.”

“For a player like Bonucci it is never easy to accept something like this. Leo is a leader, he has given so much to Juve. Cuadrado was free after his contract expired with Juve and if he decided to go to Inter to continue playing at a high level, he should be respected. These are choices, but it should not be forgotten how much Juan gave to Juve in his 8 years in Turin.Higuain was an extraordinary striker, he played for Real Madrid and in 2016 he had scored 36 goals with Napoli, a crazy season. So much so that Juve paid the 90 million clause for Pipita. Lukaku’s is a different situation, he is back from a complicated year at Inter Milan. Besides, Romelu is not from the Nerazzurri, but from Chelsea….”

Filling in on Vlahovic: “If they think that at this moment it is better to have in the group a nine with Lukaku’s characteristics rather than one with Vlahovic’s, they will find the right solution for everyone. I like Dusan a lot. Vlahovic is young, but he has so much potential and at Fiorentina he showed great things. In Turin, where the jersey is heavier, he still has to find continuity. Lukaku has more international experience, he is a made player. Kessie would be a nice reinforcement for Juve. An important blow, for the club and for Allegri, was also the one-year renewal of Rabiot. When I played in Italy, little was heard of Giuntoli, but then Napoli always got talented, half-unknown players. This shows how good he is. It will help Allegri and the club.”

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