Carlos Alcaraz – Jannik Sinner, a friendly rivalry that is good for both of them

©Getty Images

Rivals but also friends

They are rivals but they are also friends. It is difficult, in the world of tennis, to find a dualism like the one that is featuring Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner with the Spaniard currently running away but having already had the chance to lose to the South Tyrolean.

Theirs is a dualism that helps them to improve themselves tennis-wise and that goes hand in hand with friendship: the mutual respect, remarked often by both of them in their statements, is much appreciated by the fans.

For once, a Spain-Italy rivalry without controversy, like the one between Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi, to take one example (another is Jorge Lorenzo vs. Valentino Rossi, yet another is Sete Gibernau vs. Valentino Rossi): another sport, sure, but everyone wants to win, whether handling a racket or racing a motorcycle.

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