Marco Lucchinelli sides with Marc Marquez

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Marco Lucchinelli sides with Marc Marquez

Marco Lucchinelli openly sides with Marc Marquez and blames the haters. “Respect is needed,” said the 1981 500-class world champion, as quoted in MOW, “the guy deserves respect, because he really has attributes. There was a time when MotoGP fans behaved like soccer fans, with scenes that were unacceptable to say the least against Marquez himself, but that is a real champion. Not just once, but eight times. Respect must be paid to him. Especially in light of the fact that everyone else riding his bike is in the hospital. The problem is the bike, Honda has its own big responsibility.”

“Now for him it’s like when I went from Honda to Cagiva,” added the Ligurian. “He’s demoralized, but inside he feels he’s still strong, he’s aware he’s still strong.Marquez is someone who won with one arm turned the other way, guys, what are we talking about? He’s someone I’ve always liked, even when Valentino was there: he never complains about his problems or anything. Even on contrails he never said anything, he exploits them like everybody exploits them: contrails have always been there. Marc Marquez will win again, if he changes bikes he will win again.”

“They would take away the electronic controls,” Lucchinelli’s conclusion, “By now not even the riders’ strengths emerge with electronics. Take the lowerer, for example, before there were riders who were strong at the start and could bet on that, now with the lowerer everyone is strong at the start. And then the bikes today go too fast. At 370 km/h if something happens at the end of the Mugello straight, you’re in Imola.”

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