Fernando Alonso regrets nothing. And praises Ferrari

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Fernando Alonso’s words ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso spoke at a press conference ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Aston Martin driver reviewed his Formula One career, in which he has no regrets and praised Ferrari.

“I would not change anything. I do not regret anything,” he stressed. “No one has a crystal ball to know what the performance of the teams will be in the following year. When I left Renault, I moved to McLaren and that season we fought for the World Championship. So it was a good thing and a good move. Then I joined Ferrari, and I don’t think any driver will ever turn down an offer from Ferrari. And we fought for three championships in five years. Then I moved to McLaren-Honda, which was a project that we all thought could be interesting and strong. It didn’t work out, but that’s something that can happen.”

“I then put Formula 1 on hold because I had so many things in my head and so many challenges that I wanted to try,” the Asturian driver continued. “And it was a wonderful period in my career to try endurance racing and also Indy, with a fair amount of success. And I’m glad I did that. Then I went back to Formula 1 with what I always considered my family, in Alpine, in Renault. And now the last decision, for everyone the worst, to go for Aston Martin. Instead, it was probably the best of my career.”

Finally, he criticized the mid-season tire change: “We don’t know. Obviously it’s still a factor that we still have to analyze in a little more detail in the next races. I don’t like to change the rules in the middle of a championship. It would be like changing the balls in the middle of a tennis tournament or something, and that happens when we change the tires here, because we change the rules in the middle of a Formula 1 world championship. But in the end it’s the same for everybody, so we just have to figure out the tire the best we can and extract the most. We need a couple of races to confirm or disprove this idea. So far they look very similar, but we have to wait and see.”

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