Charles Leclerc, earful at FIA after Las Vegas

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Together with pride in second place, there'è also a little criticism of the federation.

Charles Leclerc in Las Vegas clawed a sensational second place in his Ferrari, overtaking Sergio Perez on the last lap and thus placing himself on the podium between the two Red Bulls. A feat the Monegasque welcomed, but there is no shortage of remark to the FIA about how the very early stages of the race with Max Verstappen were handled.

In fact, the Dutchman received a five-second penalty, to be served during a pit stop, for the very aggressive way in which he had overtaken Leclerc to take the lead. Once he had received the communication from his team, moreover, he had greeted it with a rather sarcastic joke. Well, the Ferrari driver believes that the decision against the three-time world champion should have been another.

"Obviously it was a complicated decision, becauseé Verstappen was straddling the line between what è which è is on the limit and what è which goes over it,” Leclerc noted, as reported '' -. The 5-second penalty was deserved, but I think in this kind of situation it would be better if the FIA demanded that the position on the track" be returned.

Leclerc then explained whyé this second solution, in his opinion, è better than the 5-second penaltyà "In my opinion there is a very substantial advantage when you can manage the tires having only clean air in front of you. And that è the situation Verstappen found himself in, but that’s okay. By now è it è".

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