F1 in Singapore, Carlos Sainz’s thoughts go to the mechanics

©Getty Images

A full-blown protest concerning pitlane safety.

Carlos Sainz is preparing for the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, and he takes the opportunity to emphasize an aspect that for drivers is as fundamental as safety on the track: that in the pits. Which, according to Ferrari’s Spaniard, is less guaranteed at the Marina Bay racetrack than elsewhere.

“I think it is not discussed enough, but during the course of the year we go to circuits where the pitlane is definitely too narrow,” Sainz said, as reported by ‘Autosport.’ “I want to continue to race in places like Zandvoort, Singapore, Budapest, but also do it safely for us drivers and for the mechanics. Let’s not forget about these people, who during pit stops find themselves in the middle of cars whizzing by at 80 mph. And they are literally inches away from possible serious accidents.”

Sainz’s blatant reference is to the penalty he received at Zandvoort for cutting Fernando Alonso off, but avoiding danger to one of the McLaren mechanics. “Fernando was clearly safe, but I had to make that maneuver to avoid the mechanic. He was in my passing line, and that very braking generated the unsafe release. But you can’t really call it unsafe, since I saved a person’s life,” the Ferrari driver added.

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