Ten years in Mercedes: the absurd message to Lewis Hamilton

©Getty Images

Ten years later, the pebble removed from the shoe is huge.

September 28 was the day in the year 2012 when Lewis Hamilton decided to sign a new contract with Mercedes, parting ways with the McLaren that had raised him since childhood and led him to become world champion in 2008. Since then, the titles have grown to seven, but at the time, doubts were not few. And on the occasion of the 10-year anniversary since that fateful signing, the Anglo-Caribbean driver remarked on it.

Twitter is where both he and his team celebrated their now decade-long agreement, both finding ways to joke about it. “Lewis Hamilton will race for Mercedes from 2013,” reads the post that the Brackley-based stable published exactly ten years ago. “Sounds risky. Hope he does well,” he wrote instead on Wednesday, responding directly to that same tweet.

Even further went Hamilton himself, who starting with that old post from his stable found one of many comments viewing the operation in a less-than-positive light. “Lewis has a better chance of winning the lottery than just one race in Mercedes,” one user commented. And the man who has since won six more world titles decided to revive that message, which turned out to be so far-fetched.

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