Arianna Errigo in Milan for a medal

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Arianna Errigo’s words

Great performance by Arianna Errigo, expected to return to the platform after a year on the second day of competition at the World Championships in Milan 2023. The Italian foilist won all the matches of the group stage and ranked first with a +26 hit difference, a performance that allowed her to qualify directly to the main draw on Wednesday, July 26. The Lombardy champion, at the end of her assaults, spoke about her return to the platform after the birth of her twins and her goals for the highlight day.

“I am happy to be here and that the round went well. I was very tense since I have been out for a year, but it went well and I enjoyed it. Shooting at 5 hits instead of 15 is very different, but was the result the same? Yes, it changes a lot. I had never made round at the World Cup and in the World Cup only 4 times in 2009. I’m really happy with how it went.”

“In a few months how do you achieve this form both physically and mentally? Already when I was pregnant I tried to train all the time and I concentrated to the maximum in agreement with CT Stefano Cerioni. When you have two babies and after a twin birth it is not easy. I did it for love of the sport and I thank my husband (teacher Luca Simoncelli, nda) and all the people who have been by my side.”

“What is the goal now? The goal is always the same. I am not here just to participate. Already being at the World Championship is a source of pride but I’m not here just to participate. I want to try to win a medal….”

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