Claudio Lotito, backstory on Juan Cuadrado

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Claudio Lotito from Lazio’s training camp revealed some market behind-the-scenes talking to fans: “Cuadrado wanted to come to us, Bonucci the same. Three players we scrutinized then chose Milan. Immobile, on the other hand, was never for sale.”

Chapter Zielinski: “He is 29 years old, expiring contract, how much do you pay him? I offered 20 plus bonuses and they said no. But now the offer goes down, because if you don’t give him to me on the first day the offer goes down. If I went after names I would take Lo Celso and Paredes, I’ll bring them here. There are two players that we all shared, now we hope to get them, I’m always talking about big numbers. We’ll get the halfback, outside, low top, left-back.”

Closing remark on Berardi: “He is not for sale! The ad of Sassuolo, who is my friend, is asking for 35 plus bonuses. And he told me, ‘but forget about him because he signed with Juve last year and then tore up his contract, that’s the truth!”

In recent days Lotito had already put on a show: “Another forward was needed and he has arrived. Milinkovic is gone and the replacement will come. It’s not like one goes to the supermarket, buy one and get three, so they’re all good. You have to buy the right players and with the right head. I have to make the team and I know what I have to do. Today the first priority is Milinkovic’s replacement.”

“I make a practical speech and say ‘what I have to do I know,'” Lotito had continued, “The comparisons we had before the end of the championship on the needs that could improve the team. You have to give priorities and today these are them. We needed Immobile’s replacement and we bought him. We chose one of the best on the market. We hope he will do what he did outside. Milinkovic left certainly I didn’t send him away, in fact I tried to keep him until the end. They give him 20 million a year and he decided to leave and I said okay. Now the priority is to replace him. Everything else is in addition, it will be done. We are already working.”

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