Max Verstappen and Red Bull record: ‘Unbelievable, being here is great’

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A historic streak, as rightly remarked on the podium.

Max Verstappen enjoys his Red Bull, which at the Hungarian Grand Prix gave him his ninth victory in the first eleven rainbow events of the season. For the Anglo-Austrian team, however, it is eleven out of eleven in 2023, which becomes as many as twelve victories in a row considering last season as well. An unprecedented winning streak, which the Dutch champion also dwelt on.

“To get twelve wins in a row is an incredible achievement for the team,” Verstappen remarked shortly before taking the podium at the Hungarian Grand Prix. “The last two seasons have been crazy for us. We hope we can continue with this momentum for a long time to come. Working for Red Bull is something fantastic for me, but we keep working hard to keep improving all the time.”

Verstappen, who at Silverstone had been overtaken at the start by Norris despite starting from pole position, this time mocked Lewis Hamilton who was ahead of him on the grid. “Finally a good start,” he remarked, “It was something we focused a lot of work on, and we were finally able to find the right break on the clutch. I was able to approach the inside of the first corner, and at that point I knew I was going to pass.”

Even after that first corner, Verstappen’s race immediately went downhill. “At that moment I knew I could make the Grand Prix mine, because the car was really fast today. This weekend has been a source of pain for us in our dry lap performance, but today everything went great. The pace was great with every compound, and it was because of our tire management that we were able to create such an important margin with everyone else,” concluded the Red Bull Dutchman.

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