Maifredi peremptory on Bonucci: “Better for everyone if he leaves”

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Maifredi, pat on the back to Bonucci

Gigi Maifredi, former Juventus coach, spoke with about the impact of Cristiano Giuntoli.

“For me, he has already done some good things,” he pointed out. “The first thing done was to clarify who will be part of this match, because it is never good to live with those who will leave and the group must be formed by those who will be together for the whole season. Right from the start he is making decisions that are not easy, this must be recognized.”

“One of his strengths was leaving out a flag that is no longer functional for the project. Sooner or later he had to be told, I don’t think he’s going to stay for a thousand one reasons, and taking him out would give everyone an advantage: Allegri included,” Maifredi concluded.

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