Davide Frattesi aims high with Inter Milan.

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The words of Davide Frattesi

Davide Frattesi confessed (but not completely) to Dazn: “What I dreamed cannot be said…. I will say it at the end.”

“If I chose Inter after the goal at San Siro and Marotta’s compliments? Actually a year and a half before, when with Sassuolo we won 2-0 at San Siro. I was impressed by the stadium and the fans, I knew that the interest was concrete, I had already practically chosen,” he added during the interview included in the “Inside” format.

“I had met Simone Inzaghi in Sardinia. I was eating sushi and he patted me (laughs, ed.). There he was in negotiations however I had reiterated to him the idea of coming here if there was an opportunity, we met again here both happy. He was instrumental in getting me here, I understood how much Inter wanted to get me. Bastoni was the first to welcome me, then Barella and Darmian. Already in the national team we had talked about it and we knew. Everyone told me that it feels good and I can only confirm.”

Chapter Barella: “Meanwhile, we are neighbors, a good friendship can be born but it is already there. We are two with the same character, we will find each other. Now he is still the strongest midfielder in Italy, I hope he continues like this because he will give us an incredible hand. The tractor emoticon? The others gave it to me in the locker room, from there I liked it and started using it. I leave it to the others. Because maybe I’m breaking boxes….”

Closing remark on Sassuolo and Dionisi: “He told me Finally you made it. All kidding aside, I thanked him and all the staff. They were fundamental, in my first year at Sassuolo I wanted to go to Spezia on loan, they told me to stay in training and it went well, a lot of credit is theirs. They helped me in difficult moments, another coach or another staff would not have done it maybe.”

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