Manu Ginobili thanks Virtus Bologna

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Manu Ginobili’s words.

On his move to Italy at the beginning of July, Manu Ginobili, world basketball legend and undisputed champion in a Virtus jersey, gave an exclusive interview to the official channels of Virtus Segafredo Bologna: “I have always said that Bologna means so much to me. I spent two unforgettable years, not only because of what we won, but because I also had fun. Here I grew as a player and became that player who later went to the NBA, it makes me so happy to come back.

An almost 20-year absence from the capital of Emilia for the former Spurs: “21 years ago I left Bologna for San Antonio, I’ve been missing Bologna for 18 years and when I walk around the city many memories come to mind.”

Coach Scariolo also wanted to greet the former NBA champion, with a video message, “Within our team you are a reference figure to aim for excellence.” The response of Ginobili, who listened in religious silence, was not long in coming: “Nice words. I came here after being in Reggio Calabria, I had a crazy hunger, I wanted to win and grow, I never expected that in two years all these things would happen. The picture behind me represents an incredible moment because until that moment I had never won anything, neither with the national team nor with club teams, so that moment represents the moment when I became me.”

Finally, European memories and happiness for Virtus Segafredo Bologna’s return to the Euroleague: “My memories in the Euroleague are spectacular, we won the first, lost the final in the second, devastating final the one in 2002. Now I am absolutely happy that Virtus Bologna is back in the Euroleague, the place where it belongs. Here at Virtus I grew up, it is where everything happened and I will forever thank this club.

Closing with a message of love, the former Virtussino champion: “Unfortunately, I was not able to return for reasons of distance, between Argentina and San Antonio, after the season I wanted to rest and see my family, but without a doubt Bologna and Italy will always have a very important space in my heart.”

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