Inter, Lautaro Martinez: “I tried to call him, he didn’t answer.”

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The famous LuLa is only a distant memory

Together they had fun and entertained the Nerazzurri people. LuLa has been a fabulous goal pair. In addition, Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku have also been very close off the field. The Argentine felt betrayed by his former partner, who was guilty of “disappearing.”

“I was hurt, that’s the truth. I also tried to call him in those days of chaos, he never answered me, he did the same with some of my other teammates. After so many years together, after so many things we experienced together, I was disappointed. For goodness sake, it’s his choice. I wish him the best,” his clear words exclusively to Gazzetta dello Sport.

As a new Nerazzurri captain, Lautaro Martinez hopes to win a lot more with Inter and be an example for his teammates. Considering the zero chances of seeing Big Rom again in Milan, Nerazzurri side, Lautaro Martinez will have to find an understanding with Marcus Thuram soon: “Marcus is more like Edin, he likes to go and get the ball away from the area, play with the team, dialogue. But I’ve always adapted with everyone, whether as a first or second forward.” He has always adapted to everyone and can score heavy goals, the ones that led him to become Inter’s key man.

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