Rain unknown over Spa, Max Verstappen’s opinion

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Rain unknown over Spa, Max Verstappen’s opinion

Here are the statements of Red Bull’s two-time world champion Max Verstappen in the press conference on the eve of the three-day Belgian Grand Prix at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, on which the threat of rain looms, as it often does.

“I honestly don’t think the problem is related to the track. There are dangerous corners, of course, and in the wet the risks are always greater, but I think everyone is confident enough to make the right choices. I mean, if you can drive, you can drive. And if it’s wet, you drive in the wet,” Verstappen said, quoted by formulapassion.co.uk.

“There are always things that can be improved, but we also race in Monaco, which I think is much more dangerous than Spa,” Verstappen added. “Accidents happen, unfortunately, and there is also a lot of bad luck in the way they happened. I don’t think you can do much about the track to make it safer-there are other tracks where, if you have an accident and come back onto the track with poor visibility, the same thing can happen. It is also unfortunate that these tragedies happened at Spa.

“On visibility, I think the change to bigger tires made it worse. And the very shape of the car, which is so big, means that there is more spray. The situation is worse than in 2016, but even in 2016 it was bad. I remember the race in Brazil, where I was at the back after the pit stop, I was pushing hard without seeing anything, and if there had been someone stopped there would have been a bad accident. It also depends a lot on the position: it’s clear that if you are 15th the visibility is much worse,” Verstappen concluded.

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