Max Verstappen has also had it rough

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The words of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen spoke after his win at Spa: “Good race, it was more a matter of surviving the first corner after the start: there was a tussle in front of me, I was very careful. I was a bit stuck at the beginning but when I could make my pace it was much better. From mid-race on I decided to manage and not take unnecessary risks on a track like this that can be very severe. I took a big risk though by putting it sideways between Eau Rouge and Raidillon when it started to rain. And that’s a point where it’s better that … nothing happens. It was good for me.”

Staying with Red Bull, word to Sergio Perez: “It was a good race for our team: I got off to a great start by overtaking Charles, which was my main goal. Then Max came along and in the second stint he was clearly faster, I couldn’t do anything about it. From that point on I only cared about reaching the finish line in second position without doing any damage. Now I aim to finish semper on the podium between now and the end of the season. My difficult period is behind me, I feel fully recovered. The summer break, however, arrva at the right time: I really need it.”

He closed with the words of his great rival, Lewis Hamilton; “I think we struggled a little bit today to get close to Charles Leclerc’s times, he was too fast, otherwise if I had the chance I would have tried to battle. The only thing I could do today was to subtract the fast lap from Verstappen, he was gone, he generated a huge gap and it’s a bit too easy for him and Red Bull.”

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