Raffaella Reggi charges Jannik Sinner

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The words of Raffaella Reggi

Raffaella Reggi spoke to Tuttosport in view of the Masters 1000 on American soil: “These are two tournaments that I have been commenting on for twenty years now, surprising those who think that at Ferragosto they must be on vacation… They will be important appointments: even if Djokovic is missing, in Toronto all the other bigs will be on the court and we really hope that the Azzurri will be able to assert themselves. Starting with Sinner, who is particularly at ease on concrete as he has already shown several times, but I am curious to see if the emotional boost of Wimbledon has left something positive in Matteo Berrettini. And then I expect confirmations from Musetti and Sonego himself. Now Italian tennis has several arrows to its bow, and those of us who comment on it on TV can only be pleased, considering that the US Open and then Davis in Bologna are just around the corner.”

Chapter Elisabetta Cocciaretto: “The Lausanne tournament she curiously won in the past was in Lugano, where I won my first title on the circuit. Personally as an attitude I really like the girl from the Marche region, the way she interprets the game. She has also worked a lot to improve her serve and forehand, while the bimane backhand is her natural shot. And I especially appreciate the fact that she is pursuing university studies in parallel with her sports career, I think she is really a positive example for younger people.”

Closing remark on Federico Gaio: “In January I started a collaboration with the Circolo Stampa Sporting in Turin, the very one where Federico is based, whom I have known since childhood being from Faenza like me. And so after watching some training he asked me to accompany him, when possible, on the circuit. Now it is still an occasional commitment, then when he comes back from the United States we will put down a real program. Also because Fede before Covid had come close to the Top 100 and intends to give himself a new chance, trying in the next two-three seasons after the difficulties he had after the pandemic stop. I was catapulted into a new reality, but live tennis always gives unique sensations, quite different from watching it on TV. And then today in the Challengers the level is really high, I see tennis players up close that then some time later I will find myself commenting on. In short, there is always something to learn.”

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