Sprint Race Silverstone, the words of Alex Marquez, Marco Bezzecchi and Maverick Vinales

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Sprint Race Silverstone, the words of Alex Marquez, Marco Bezzecchi and Maverick Vinales

Here are the statements to Sky Sport MotoGP from the three on the Silverstone Sprint Race podium: winner Alex Marquez, Marco Bezzecchi and Maverick Vinales. The quotes are from formulapassion.co.uk.

Alex Marquez: “It’s just a Sprint. Yes, I am happy, I was convinced it could be the right day. On the second and third lap I had perfect traction and feeling. I had to pass and push. But on the last lap at Turn-9 I did it in second instead of third and lost so much. However I made it and the tire held. A year ago I had doubts. On the Honda I could not be competitive. I wondered if I was still the Alex of 2019 in Moto2 or with Honda in MotoGP in 2020. I was convinced that I could turn around with Gresini. We need to understand and work on being more consistent. Biggest difference between Ducati and Honda? Good question. It’s not easy to answer so offhand. In Ducati you have a smile under your helmet, with Honda on the other hand you are always on your toes, you fear a high-side at every corner, you have to be intuitive, and I need confidence instead.”

Marco Bezzecchi: “It was good. It was something not completely calculated (the chase at the end, ed.). When Alex took the lead I tried to pass Jack and stay behind him. I saw that he was driving very dirty. I thought he would not finish the race with rain on a dry track. But then when I pushed as well, I got in trouble. He was better at it. I am happy, though. This morning unfortunately I made that mistake there, but in the wet you always have to push, to make that extra lap. I couldn’t see the chart, I didn’t know anything, so I pulled like crazy. I said to Matteo (Flamigni) but where are we going? You got the pole. In the wet I have a base that lets me ride the way I like. We lapped very little in the dry, we’ll see tomorrow, anyway we try. Starting with slicks? If it was the big race it was slicks. With 10 laps you would lose too much. There were already dry spots where with slicks you could go harder. Official Pramac or VR46? I’m not saying anything. I feel great with my team. I would like the official bike as all riders dream, I think about it more at home, here I prefer to think about riding.”

Maverick Vinales: “If we find the maximum from our bike we are capable of doing great things. We also worked a lot on the starts, being more aggressive, overtaking earlier. In the wet I was always fast, it was a matter of time, just the right set-up, today we made a very important step forward. Will I be strong in the dry as well? We think so, in pace I was holding 59″ which is a top pace. Head down, focused and continue to believe and have confidence in us that the result will come. How did I work on the start? We did it together with Aprilia working on the clutch. We also simulated races with other riders to work on aggressiveness and overtaking in the early laps.”

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